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76 Killers Dads…and Counting

76 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)

Since posting a short list of fathers who had killed their children in cases where child custody, visitation, and/or child support was an active contributing factor (just articles published in 2010), several people have asked me for a more comprehensive list.

It’s nearly impossible to come up with a truly comprehensive list. News articles provide incomplete or inaccurate information. Many articles are not readily accessible through a stardard google search. But I am providing you with the a list of the cases that I have collected over the last year or so, coupled with a few cases submitted by others. Most of these murders occurred during the past two years, but not all. If you have information about additional cases that fit the above listed criteria, please send the information to me.

Note that this list does NOT include ALL the fathers who annihilate their families in murder-suicides or kill their children under other circumstances, even when there was a history of domestic violence or child abuse. If child custody, visitation, and/or child support did not appear to play an identifiable role in the child’s death, I did not include the case on the list. If I were to include all fathers who murder their children for any reason (mental illness, carelessness, “frustration,” anger at the mother–but with no apparent or identifiable child custody, visitation, or child support issues), this list would be nearly endless. So this list is not to be taken as reflective or representational of all fathers who murder children.

I apologize in advance for any errors, either in the newspaper articles or in the transcription.

76 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)


Franklin County

Victim(s): Andrea Gonzalez (5 years)
Date of Death: Reported missing in Nov. 1993. Body never recovered.
Custodial father eventually pleads guilty to manslaughter. Stepmother charged with child abuse.

Jefferson County

Victim(s): Janiya Nicole Hale (1 year)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father, a registered sex offender, is charged with murder. Daughter died during overnight visitation.


Cococino County

Victim(s): Teigan Peters (aka Teigan Brown) (3 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Daughter killed in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation . Mother had applied for orders of protection.

Maricopa County

Victim(s): Mindi Chambers (17 years)
Date of Death: Assumed to have been murdered around the time she went missing in 1982.
Custodial father ALLEN CHAMBERS is now presumed to have murdered Mindi Chambers around the time she went missing. Daughter had reported sexual abuse to the authorities. Not reported as officially missing til 1995.

Victim(s): Trenay Duchane (12 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2008
Custodial father and stepmother convicted of murder.

Victim(s): Anthony Gonzalez (11 years)
Date of Death: Summer 2005
Father convicted of murdering son during summer visitation.

Victim(s): Son (5 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Father with sole custody stabs son to death in failed murder-suicide. Mother had been trying to regain custody.


Contra Costa County

Victim(s): Volkan Kayik (16 years)
Date of Death: July 2007
Custodial father found guilty in 2009 of strangulation death of son.

El Dorado County

Victim(s): Chandler Nash-Eliott (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Father not charged in the “suicide” of son. Father had physical custody, parents had shared custody. Father had extensive history with CPS regarding neglect, abuse, lack of supervision, etc.

Los Angeles County

Victim(s): Lance Helms (2 1/2 years)
Date of Death: 1995
Custodial dad convicted in beating death of son. Father had obtained custody despite extensive history of violence, drug abuse.

Victim(s): Lauren Sarene Key (4 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2000
Father scheduled to go to trial for 3rd time for death of daughter. Daughter was allegedly pushed off cliff during visitation in order to avoid child support.

Orange County

Victim(s): Richie Omondi (4 years)
Date of Death: 2006
Father shared custody with the child’s mother. Convicted of 1st degree murder in Jan. 2010. Drowned son to avoid child support.

San Bernadino County

Victim(s): Jesus Gabriel Fuentes (4 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father crashes car, shoots to death son during visitation. Parents divorced. Father in critical condition from self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Victim(s): Wyatt Garcia (9 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father kills son during court-ordered visitation. Murder-suicide. Parents never married. Mother had pleaded with 3 judges regarding father’s violence, threats.

San Diego County

Victim(s): Tori Vienneau (22 years), Dean Springtube (10 months)
Date of Death: July 2006
Father is convicted Sept. 2009 in the murders of his former girlfriend and son. Father didn’t want to take paternity test, pay child support.

Ventura County

Victim(s): Jason Mulvaney (12 years), Jennifer Mulvaney (7 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Father stabs to death son and daughter in murder-suicide during overnight visitation. Parents had shared custody and were still involved in divorce, custody case.


Arapahoe County

Victim(s): Aarone Thompson (7 years)
Date of Death: Reported missing in Nov. 2005. Body never recovered.
Father convicted in Sept. 2009 in daughter’s murder. Father had custody, as he had abducted the children from mother in Michigan.

Jefferson County

Victim(s): Adrian Trujillo (5 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father charged in death of infant son. Father had physical custody while mother in military. Father alleged to have left baby alone while father went out drinking for 7 hours. Baby later found dead.


New Haven County

Victim(s): Morries Hill Jr. (5 months)
Date of Death: 2008
Father charged in connection with the death of son. Baby died from “severe physical abuse.” Infant died in father’s home during overnight visitation.


Colllier County

Victim(s): Elijay Kye Aliazar (3 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2009
Father had shared custody with infant’s mother. Son died of blunt force trauma to the head during visitation. Father charged w. 2nd-degree murder.

Duval County

Father: JOSI M. HALL
Victim(s): Kyla Hall (1 year)
Date of Death: 2008
Father had sole custody, and had been cleared of previous abuse allegations. Daughter died of blunt force trauma at home.

Hillsborough County

Victim(s): Chavon Robinson (22 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2008
Father convicted Dec. 2009 of murdering child during visitation.

Jackson County

Victim(s): Danielle Baker (mother), sons Ahmaad (4 years) and Amarion (1 year), and unrelated infant.
Date of Death: 2005
Father allegedly committed quadruple murder because he was angry about child support.

Lake County

Victim(s): Kayla McKean (6 years)
Date of Death: 1998
Custodial father beat daughter to death. Had been subject of multiple CPS investigations.

Orange County

Victim(s): Roosevelt Bradley III (8 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father arrested for murder of infant during visitation.

Osceola County

Victim(s): Unnamed Son (5 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Son beaten to death while visiting father, stepmother.

Palm Beach County

Victim(s): Crystal Camacho (8 years), Nelson Camacho (10 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2006
Father and mother were finalizing divorce. During Christmas visitation, father stabbed daughter, then killed her and brother Nelson Camacho (10 years) in arson murder-suicide. Mother had unsucessfully petitioned for protection.

Pasco County

Victim(s): Diella Ludwig (2 months)
Date of Death: Dec. 2008
CPS granted father THOMAS LUDWIG custody of infant twins. Father charged with 1st-degree murder in Diella’s death.

Volusia County

Victim(s): Jeremiah Reese (14 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Jeremiah Reese died of “accidental overdose” at the home of his custodial father. Father had long history of abuse, neglect with CPS.


Ada County

Victim(s): Bekm Bacon (8 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father shot to death son in murder-suicide. Parents going through divorce, but had joint custody. Infant killed during visitation with father.

Jerome County

Victim(s): Sage Aragon (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2008
Custodial father acquitted of involuntary manslaughter in hypothermia death of daughter. Father had told to her to walk to mother’s home during blizzard.

Twin Falls County

Father: JIM NICE JR.
Victim(s): Justin Nice (6 years), Spencer Nice (6 years), Raquel Anna Nice (2 years)
Date of Death: 2005
Father murdered children with rat poison during court-ordered visitation.


McClean County

Victim(s): Duncan Connelly (6 years) and Jack Connelly (4 years)
Date of Death: March 2009
Father killed sons in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Mother had extensive involvment with the courts trying to prevent contact with father.

Will County

Victim(s): Nathan Esi (19 months)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Father accused of drowning son during visitation.


Green County

Victim(s): Travis Bohannon (14 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father separated from wife. Son “accidently” shot during visitation. Father convicted of reckless homicide Jan. 2010.

Lake County

Victim(s): Eboni Richardson (19 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father shot daughter during visitation. Didn’t want child’s mother to do moveaway.

Father: TERRY BETHEL (aka Terry Noel)
Victim(s): Josiah Shaw (13 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2008
Father allegedly arranged to have visitation with son, then shot him to death to avoid child support.


Shawnee County

Victim(s): Karen Kahler (44 years), Emily Kahler (18 years), Lauren Kahler (16 years), Dorothy Wight (89 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Parents were in the process of divorcing, reportedly “sparring over children.”

Sumner County

Victim(s): Caden Michael Reemes (4 years)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Child asphyxiated at the home of his custodial UNNAMED FATHER.


Anderson County

Victim(s): Cole Frazier (21 months)
Date of Death: May 2009
Father obtained custody with police assistance through fraudulent EPO. Shot son to death in murder-suicide. Mother suing police, city.

Clark County

Victim(s): Michaela Watkins (10 years)
Date of Death: 2007
Custodial father, stepmother found guilty of murder in girl’s death. Girl removed from mother’s home by social workers.


Pointe Coupee Parish

Victim(s): Aaron Bowman, Jr.
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father had “temporary” custody of son, 2-year-old daughter when son beaten to death. Father charged with 1st-degree murder.


Kennebec County

Victim(s): Connor Soucy (4 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Infant became “unresponsive” during visit with father. Later died at hospital.


Baltimore County

Victim(s): Anthony Castillo (6 years), Austin Castillo (4 years), Athena Castillo (2 years)
Date of Death: Mar. 2008
Mother had tried to stop father from having access, but blocked by courts. Children murdered during court-ordered visitation.

Victim(s) Turner Jordan Nelson (3 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2008
Murdered by father by being thrown off bridge. Father and mother had argued in court over custody.


Bristol County

Victim(s): Kaitlyn (6 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father allegedly murdered daughter because he was concerned about possible moveaway.

Worcester County

Victim(s): Nathaniel Turner (7 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Father charged with beating death of son. Took place during father’s summer visitation.


Oakland County

Victim(s): unnamed infant (13 weeks)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Infant died during unsupervised visitation.

St. Clair County

Victim(s): Prhaze Galvan (3 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Child died of blunt force trauma in home of father, stepmother. Both face murder charges.


Cass/Jackson Counties

Victim(s): Elizabeth Guenther (18 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father to be charged with 2nd degree murder. Baby suffered fatal skull fracture during father’s weekend visitation.

Victim(s): Sam Porter (7 years), Lindsey Porter (8 years)
Date of Death: June 2004
Father murdered children during court-ordered visitation. Had extensive history of domestic violence.

St. Louis County

Father: Nathaniel Robinson
Victim(s): Desmon Valenzuela (3 years)
Date of Death: 2007
Father obtained custody 1 month before child’s beating death. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jan 2010.


Clark County

Victim(s): Brandon Christopher Arduino-Boggs (13 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Son killed in auto homicide case where father DUI. Parents had been in lengthy child custody case.

Victim(s): Giovani Kopystenski (5 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Custodial father. Autistic son “accidentally” shoots himself in head after finding gun in father’s car.


Passaic County

Victim(s): Adrian Gonzalez (7 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father in “bitter custody dispute” with “estranged” wife. 7-year-old son shot to death, 11-year-old son, wife, in critical condition.


Bernalillo County

Victim(s): Richard Jr, Daniel, and Christopher Sanchez
Date of Death: Aug. 2001
Father “went missing” with sons during custodial visit. Bodies recovered, identified in July 2009.

Erie County

Victim(s); Joshua Kent (3 years)
Date of Death: Mar. 2005
Sole custody father beats son to death.

Genessee County

Victim(s); Marcus Peters (6 years)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Child dies during weekend visitation with father, but authorities say death not “suspicious.”

Monroe County

Victim(s): Hunter Resch (7 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Child shot to death in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Father had history of DV, mother had filed two orders of protection.

Orange County

Victim(s): Jerica Rhodes (7 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2005
Sole custody father convicted in daughter’s stabbing death. Had extensive history of DV.


Edgecombe County

Victim(s): Tyler Brice (13 years)
Date of Death: June 2008
Custodial father, stepmother convicted of 2nd-degree murder. Boy tied to tree, died of dehydration, heat exhaustion.


Bryan County

Victim(s): Cheyenne Wolf (11 years)
Date of Death: April 2008
Custodial father, stepmother charged in girl’s death.


Cuyahoga County

Victim(s) Anthony Johnson Jr.
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father accused of beating child to death during visitation.

Franklin/Delaware Counties

Victims: Nicole Dobson (15 years), Sarah Dobson (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Father had physical placement of 15-year-old daughter. “Shared parenting” plan in place with divorced mother. Girls shot to death in murder-suicide.

Stark County

Victim(s): Macy Mammone (5 years), James Mammone (3 years), Margaret Eakin (57 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Divorced father convicted of stabbing children, beating to death former mother-in-law in Jan. 2010.


Clackamas County

Victim(s) Alexis Pounder (3 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father, mother had shared custody. Father, girlfriend charged with beating, starving girl to death. Mother allegedly blocked from seeing child by father.


Philadelphia County

Victim(s) Charlenni Ferreira (10 years)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Girl died from abuse in the home of her custodial father, stepmother. Father later (allegedly) committed suicide in jail cell.


Anderson County

Victim(s): Jeremy Dickerson (7 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father with “full custody” charged in son’s beating death.

Chester County

Victim(s): Xymerra Evans (11 months)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Child sexually abused, beaten during visitation with father. Later died at hospital.


Shelby County

Victim(s): Isaiah Snipes (16 months)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father had just obtained custody of son, 3-year-old daughter in Sept. 2009. Father charged w. 2nd-degree murder.

Warren County

Victim(s): Kayndace (3 years), Akeelia (1 year)
Date of Death: May 2009
Custodial father, stepmother charged in deaths of two girls.


Denton County

Victim(s): Ashley Watrous (10 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Custodial father charged in shooting death.

Gaines/Yoakum Counties

Victim(s): Mitchell Romero (3 years), unnamed mother
Date of Death: Oct. – Nov. 2009
Mother reportedly murdered by father during child abduction. Son later killed in car accident.

Jasper County

Victim(s): Triston Dobbins (21 months)
Date of Death: Dec. 2007
Boy died of head injuries while visiting father, stepmother. Father on trial for capital murder Jan. 2010.


Norfolk County

Victim(s): Carly Sawyer (5 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Custodial father, stepmother charged with 2nd-degree murder. Mother lost custody during divorce, father denied mother contact.


Mercer County

Victim(s): Brooklyn Holcomb (5 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2007
Custodial father convicted of 2nd-degree murder in daughter’s death. Mother had lost custody the year before after applying for child support.


Dad Murders Wife, 9-Year-Old-Son

Dad murders wife, 9-year-old son (Pataskala, Ohio)

Dad JOHN ECKARD viciously gunned down and murdered his wife and 9-year-old before taking himself out. And yet this article does nothing but praise this guy and make excuses for his actions. This is all too typical of these articles, and it’s getting very old fast.

All the stock journalistic devices are here. As if on clue, we quote the idiotic “acquaintance” claiming the murderer was a “loving husband and father.” Why this delusional defense of a cold-blooded killer? Would the “acquaintance” still think Dad was very “loving” if he had a pointed a shotgun at HIS head? Or if the “acquaintance” was forced into begging for HIS life? I’m sorry–this is just crap.

Then there are the ignorant neighbors who claim the couple “appeared to be happy.” How the hell would they know one way or another? Because they saw him mowing the grass or something? These people’s impressions are obviously incomplete, off-base, and wrong. Why is the reader’s time wasted in quoting them?

All of this gives a false impression: that these crimes come “out of the blue.” They don’t. In fact, if you read this article carefully, you’ll see that Daddy Dearest had been planning this affair “for at least a month.” So this was no “snapping,” no sudden emotional outburst from an otherwise “nice guy.” This guy CALCULATED and PLANNED to murder his innocent wife and child. Maybe we need to deal with that, instead of a fantasy build-up of what he was “really” like.

All kinds of stuff is said here to humanize and excuse the killer–we hear about his financial troubles, his Parkinson’s disease. We hear an indirect slam at his wife: “people need to pay attention to the mental health of their loved ones and seek help when they are in trouble.” As if to say that it’s HER fault that all this happened.

Meanwhile, note that nothing is said here to “humanize” the victims. There’s nary a word about what they were doing at school or work, what their hopes or dreams were. What they were like as people. It’s like they’re just the collateral damage in Daddy’s Big Show of Personal Pain, which is the sole focus of attention here. Disgusting.

Man kills wife, son, himself, police say
Father reportedly beset by medical, financial problems

Friday, November 6, 2009 3:21 AM
By Josh Jarman


PATASKALA, Ohio — Police said a man killed his wife and 9-year-old son before taking his own life yesterday morning. He was a loving husband and father who had medical and financial troubles, an acquaintance said.

Pataskala police found the bodies of John Eckard II, 46, his wife and son dead in their home at 13160 Havens Corners Rd. at about 8:30 a.m. yesterday. They were called there by William D. Beer, who bought Mr. Eckard’s land-surveying company about a year and a half ago.

Beer said he found four letters in his office yesterday morning, one addressed to him and the other’s addressed to Eckard’s ex-wife and two daughters from his previous marriage.

The letter thanked him for taking over the business. At the bottom it included the line, “by the time you read this, Robin, I and Nick will no longer be in this world.”

Beer said he dropped the letter and called police immediately before rushing to the couple’s home where police made their grisly discovery only minutes later.

Chief Chris Forshey said police broke in after they couldn’t get anyone to come to the door.

Forshey said the bodies of Robin Eckard, 45, and the couple’s son, Nicholas, were in their bedrooms. Each appeared to have been shot once in the head with a shotgun, he said. John Eckard’s body was in the living room in the same condition.

Forshey said police found a fifth letter, which was addressed to “everyone,” at the house. Eckard also sent text messages about 3:15 a.m. yesterday to relatives and friends hinting that there was going to be violence at his home. But no one apparently saw them until it was too late.

Investigating multiple deaths is always difficult, but even more so when a child is among those killed, Forshey said. “It’s tragic for the family members. Our thoughts go out to them right now.”
Neighbors said the couple, who bought the house in 2007, appeared to be happy. Forshey said police had never been called to the home because of any domestic trouble. The bodies were taken to the Licking County coroner’s office for autopsy.

According to state records, the Eckards owned a used-car dealership in nearby Etna Township that they bought in August 2008.

Their two-story, four-bedroom house on 5 acres is on a private lane off Havens Corners. A number of families there own horses, including the Eckards, who had two. Neighbors described the lane as a close-knit community and said Nicholas often had friends over to play.

Beer said Mr. Eckard suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and although his used-car business appeared to be doing well, the family was living beyond its means. He said the Eckards were a very close couple, who always expressed their love for one another.

He said he could not fathom why Mr. Eckard, whom he called one of the hardest-working men he had ever known, would hurt his family or himself. In retrospect, Beer said he thinks Mr. Eckard had been planning the crime for at least a month.

He said people need to pay attention to the mental health of their loved ones and seek help when they are in trouble.

“People need to know that a solution like that is a very empty solution,” Beer said. “It leaves nothing but a tragedy.”

Dad Sentenced to Life for Strangling Infant Son, Baby’s Mom

Dad sentenced to life for strangling infant son, baby’s mom (Bonita, California)

Dad DENNIS POTTS has been sentenced to consecutive life prison terms for strangling his 10-month-old infant son and the baby’s mother, his ex-girfriend. Daddy just didn’t want to take a paternity test. Boo hoo.

Friday, Nov. 06, 2009
Life sentences for man strangling son, child’s mom
By The Associated Press

A San Diego County man has been sentenced to consecutive life prison terms for strangling his infant son and the baby’s mother because she pressured him to take a paternity test.

A Superior Court judge Friday sentenced 25-year-old Bonita resident Dennis Potts, with no possibility of parole.

Potts was convicted Sept. 10 of two counts of first-degree murder in the July 2006 deaths of 22-year-old Tori Vienneau and their 10-month-old, Dean Springstube.

Prosecutors say Potts had a secret relationship with Vienneau and strangled her because he did not want anyone to know he was the baby’s biological father.

They said Potts agreed to take a mail-in paternity test but submitted a friend’s DNA sample instead.

The defense claimed there was no direct evidence linking Potts to the killings.

Father Made “Goodbye Mummy” Video Before Strangling Children

Dad made “goodbye mummy” video before strangling children (Manchester, England, United Kingdom)

Dad PETROL MWASHITA is such a sick piece of sh–. Did he coach these children to say “goodbye mummy” in a video before strangling them? Words fail me…

Tots murder: ‘Goodbye’ video found
The Telegraph
Wed, 21 Oct 2009 08:55:00 +0000

A HEARTBREAKING video of two children saying “Goodbye mummy” before they were strangled has been discovered by police.

Detectives are studying the footage of Theo Molemohi, two, and his four-year-old sister Yolanda, who were found unconscious by their mother at their home in Manchester on Wednesday. They died later the same day.

Their Zimbabwean father, Petros Mwashita, 37, who is thought to have taken an overdose, was treated in hospital after collapsing next to his children. He was arrested on suspicion of murder and is now in custody being questioned by officers. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are examining the video, which was found in the flat in prominent position as if left deliberately.

The video, which is thought to have been made last weekend, is understood to show the children playing happily and watching television. However, at one point in the video, they turn to the camera and say: “Goodbye mummy”. The father is with the children in some of the footage.

A police spokeswoman said: “GMP can confirm a videotape was found in the flat, the contents of which form part of the investigation. The tape does not show the murders or any acts of violence. It takes the form of a family video featuring children playing in the flat.”

The children’s mother, Morongoe Molemohi, has paid tribute to Yolanda and Theo and said: “I take pride in knowing that they were polite, caring, happy babies. I will always remain proud to be their mother. Their lives were short but they lived it to their full potential. I love them very much and they will always be a beautiful part of me.”

The children’s parents, who were separated, are originally from Zimbabwe and have lived in England for about six years. Ms Molemohi, who was separated from the children’s father, found her son and daughter in their Whalley Road flat in Manchester when she returned to collect some clothes.

Det Supt Geoff Wessell, of GMP, has said that the incident was “horrendous”. He added of the mother: “She had gone back for clothes and let herself in and was confronted by this traumatic scene.”

Mr Mwashita was interviewed for the first time by police on Friday. He spent two days in hospital after collapsing when arrested. According to local reporters, he had taken an overdose of prescription tablets.

Ms Molemohi, 30, a university student, had moved out of the family home in Lansbury House – a three-storey housing association block of flats – after the breakdown of her marriage. She and her children had been rehoused by Manchester council but she had agreed that they could stay with their father for a few days. Ms Molemohi had visited the children at the flat the evening before she found them dead.

Police say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths of the two children. – The Telegraph

New StatCan Family Violence Report: Women and Children are the Big Losers at the Hands of Husbands and Fathers

Study well Barbara Kay, Mike Murphy and Arun Sehgal…this is from your government and matches pretty well with United States and Australian data.  Nothing here in this report or on this site denies that domestic violence happens to men also, but women and children are far more impacted.  Wake up to the reality of it…instead of damning women for it. The whole report can be seen at the StatCan site here.  These are this years highlights:

This is the twelfth annual Family Violence in Canada report produced by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics under the Federal Family Violence Initiative. This annual report provides the most current data on the nature and extent of family violence in Canada, as well as trends over time, as part of the ongoing initiative to inform policy makers and the public about family violence issues.

Each year the report has a different focus. This year, the focus of the report is a profile of shelters that provide residential services to women and children fleeing abusive situations. Data for this profile come from the Transition Home Survey, a biennial census of residential facilities for female victims of family violence in Canada.

In addition, using police-reported data, the report also presents fact sheets, data tables and figures examining spousal violence, family violence against children and youth, family violence against seniors (aged 65 years and older), and family-related homicides.

Police-reported spousal violence in Canada

  1. In 2007, nearly 40,200 incidents of spousal violence (i.e., violence against legally married, common-law, separated and divorced partners) were reported to police. This represents about 12% of all police-reported violent crime in Canada.
  2. Police-reported spousal violence has steadily declined over the past 10 years, decreasing 15% between 1998 and 2007.
  3. The majority of victims of spousal violence continue to be females, accounting for 83% of victims.
  4. Spousal violence is twice as common between current partners (legally married or common-law) as ex-partners.
  5. Accounting for nearly two-thirds of offences, common assault was the most frequent type of spousal violence according to police-reported data, followed by major assault, uttering threats and criminal harassment or stalking.
  6. Police laid charges in more than three-quarters of spousal violence incidents reported in 2007. Incidents involving female victims were more likely to result in charges being laid than those involving male victims.

Police-reported family violence against children and youth

  1. Police-reported data for 2007 indicate that children and youth under the age of 18 were most likely to be physically or sexually assaulted by someone they know (85% of incidents).
  2. Nearly 53,400 children and youth were the victims of a police-reported assault in 2007, with about 3 in 10 incidents of assaults against children and youth perpetrated by a family member.
  3. When children and youth were victims of family violence, a parent was identified as the abuser in nearly 6 in 10 incidents.
  4. Girls under the age of 18 reported higher rates of both physical and sexual assault by a family member than boys. In 2007, the rate of family-perpetrated sexual assault was more than 4 times higher for girls than for boys.
  5. Male family members were identified as the accused in a sizable majority of family-related sexual (96%) and physical assaults (71%) against children and youth.

Family homicides

Spousal homicides

  1. Rates of spousal homicide, which involve persons in legal marriages, those who are separated or divorced from such unions, and those in common-law relationships, declined over the 3 decades from 1978 to 2007. In 2007, the spousal homicide rate of 4 per million spouses was the lowest in over 30 years.
  2. Women continue to be more likely than men to be victims of spousal homicide. In 2007, almost 4 times as many women were killed by a current or former spouse as men.
  3. During the most recent decade, between 1998 and 2007, about 41% of spousal homicides involved common-law partners and more than one-third involved legally married persons.
  4. Spousal homicide rates were highest for persons in the 15 to 24 year-old age group.

Family homicides against children and youth

  1. Homicides of children and youth (under the age of 18) represented about 9% of all homicides in 2007. Most child and youth homicide victims were killed by someone they knew. In 2007, 41% of child and youth homicides were committed by a family member, 27% by someone known to the victim but other than a family member, 20% by strangers and the remaining 13% of child and youth homicides were unsolved.
  2. Parents were the perpetrators in the majority of child and youth homicides committed by family members. Fathers (54%) were more likely than mothers (34%) to be the perpetrators.
  3. Infants under the age of one experienced higher rates of family homicide compared to older children. From 1998 to 2007, baby boys (35 per million population) had somewhat higher rates than baby girls (27 per million population).
  4. In family homicides of infants, half of victims (51%) were killed by their mother and 47% by their father, whereas in family homicides of older children fathers were the most likely perpetrators.

Family homicides against older adults

  1. The overall homicide rate was lower among adults aged 65 years and older (9 per million population) compared to persons under 65 years of age (23 per million population). However, rates of family-perpetrated homicide for seniors (3.8 per million population) and non-seniors (4.5 per million population) were comparable.
  2. Senior female victims killed by a family member were most commonly killed by their spouse (40%) or adult son (36%). In nearly two-thirds of family homicides of senior men, an adult son was the accused killer.
  3. Most often, frustration, anger or despair was the apparent motive for family-perpetrated homicides against seniors. In contrast, financial gain was the most commonly identified reason behind senior homicides committed by non-family members.

As a final note, domestic violence against anyone is just WRONG.

Dad Pleads Guilty to Drowning Three Kids

Dad pleads guilty to drowning three kids (Baltimore, Maryland)

Dad MARK CASTILLO has entered a guilty plea in the drowning murders of his three children. The mom had fought hard with the courts to keep him from having unsupervised visitation, but the courts ignored her.

Castillo Pleads Guilty To Drowning Kids
Slayings Occurred At Harbor Hotel In March 2008
POSTED: 10:51 am EDT October 14, 2009
UPDATED: 2:19 pm EDT October 14, 2009

BALTIMORE — A Maryland man has pleaded guilty to drowning his three children in a Baltimore hotel bathtub, a sudden development in a trial that was delayed several times and saw erratic courtroom behavior from the suspect.

Mark Castillo entered the plea Wednesday in a Baltimore city courtroom, about 18 months after the slayings at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor on Eutaw Street.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and will serve three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, 11 News learned. The judge is recommending he serve his time at the Patuxent Institute and will request that Castillo be enrolled in some sort of therapy program.

Mark Castillo was charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his children, 6-year-old Anthony, 4-year-old Austin and 2-year-old Athena in March 2008.

Jury selection started in the case last week. Castillo had originally pleaded not criminally responsible before changing his plea Wednesday, just before a jury panel was to be brought into the courtroom.

11 News reporter Barry Simms said a judge asked Castillo if he was pleading guilty because he committed the slayings and that Castillo replied, “Yes, your honor.” He had not discussed the plea with his attorneys, Simms reported.

Castillo was charged in the deaths of his children, 6-year-old Anthony, 4-year-old Austin and 2-year-old Athena in March 2008.

Police said Castillo told investigators he drowned the children, then tried to overdose on an over-the-counter pain reliever and stabbed himself in the neck with a steak knife.

The 43-year-old Castillo has a history of mental illness and had been involved in a custody dispute with his former wife.

He calmly described how he drowned the children one by one in a taped interview with police that was played in court last week.

The trial had been postponed several times.

Castillo behaved erratically during court sessions and showed frustration with the slow pace of the proceedings. He tried at one point to fire his public defenders, but later changed his mind.

In December, he was subdued with a stun gun during a divorce hearing. That occurred after he tried to leave while the hearing was in progress.

The drownings were discovered on a Sunday. Police Commissoner Fred Bealefeld said the father was supposed to return his kids to their mother the previous night. The mother called Montgomery County authorities when that didn’t happen, Bealefeld said.

Bealefeld said Castillo and the children spent time that Saturday at the Inner Harbor before checking in to the hotel.

Dad Goes on Trial for Killing 4-Month-Old Son

Dad goes on trial for killing 4-month-old son (Troy, New York)

Dad ADRIAN THOMAS is finally going to trial for the murder of his 4-mont-old son. Daddy is accused of slamming the baby into the bed acouple of times. I know we’ve posted on this case before, as I vaguely remember the 500 pound dad part.

Trial begins in Troy dad accused of killing infant son
October 02, 2009 12:26 PM
CBS 6 News

Opening statements have wrapped up in the trial of a Troy father charged with second-degree murder in the death of his infant son.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Adrian Thomas slammed his four-month-old son Matthew on a bed three separate times last September out of frustration. Thomas was about 500 pounds at the time.

Prosecutors say the injuries the child sustained eventually led to his death.

The defense argues the baby died from another medical condition: septic shock.

The jury will be shown videotaped interviews with Thomas at the Intensive Care Unit the day the child died.

Among the first witnesses on the stand was a Troy paramedic, according to reporter Marci Natale.